Mongol Horde

The Kurualtai is sadly summoned to Karakorum to discuss the fate of the empire after the death of the great Genghis Khan. It is 1227 and the Mongol Empire stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the Caspian Sea, but there is still more to conquer! Decisions must be made about further expansion of the empire and how to conquer issues such as succession, trade with Europe, legal policies, insurgents, and unrest. As delegates ride to victory in future conquests, trouble lurks in the shadows for an empire that may have already reached its zenith. Can the descendants of the great Khan continue his legacy of Pax Mongolia or will the empire disintegrate?

Global Energy Summit 2025 

A civil war in Iraq, divided purely along religious lines, has escalated to an all-out war between Shia and Sunni Islam. As both Iran and Saudi Arabia intervened to support their side, Middle Eastern allies joined in the final dispute between the differing sects. At the onset of hostilities the straits of Hormuz were shut and the Persian Gulf mined to hurt whomever won. Global oil prices jumped overnight as Middle Eastern oil was essentially halted. Go forth now as the non-Middle Eastern leaders in oil production and the leaders in renewable energy, and meet to discuss how to keep the rest of the world supplied with energy. Will the earth finally leave oil behind or will our dependence stop us from progress?

Liberian Civil War 

As the government of Liberia led by Samuel Doe clashes more and more with the National Patriotic Front lead by Charles Taylor, the Economic Community of West African States is given no choice but to step in. Their goal is to soothe the tensions and put a stop to the humanitarian atrocities perpetrated by both sides of the conflict. As members of ECOWAS gather to end the Liberian Civil War, they must work with the United Nations to stop the overflow of war to neighboring nations while simultaneously protecting their own individual interests in the region. 

Chinese Civil War 1937 JCC

The Chinese Civil War, one of the deadliest periods of modern Chinese history, was interrupted by the invasion of the Japanese. Facing destruction, the Chinese Communist Party under Mao and the Nationalist Party under Chiang Kai-shek formed an alliance dubbed the Second United Front as a means to resist the invasion. With this alliance, the civil war was halted and all efforts were turned to fighting the Japanese. Working as either the nationalists or the communists, will the alliance hold and the invasion be halted? 

Arthurian Legends: Knights of the Round Table

According to British legend, a young man once pulled a powerful, immovable sword out of a stone, a sign that he was destined for greatness. This man went on to rule over medieval England as the mighty King Arthur. He was aided by a group known as the Knights of the Round Table, and only the most worthy were allowed to join them in their annual feast at Camelot. Drawing upon the literature and mythology of the Arthurian legends, delegates will take on the role of one of these illustrious knights and act as protectors of Arthur’s kingdom. It is up to the Knights of the Round Table to ward off enemies, including the dangerous Morgana le Fay, and take up perilous quests for the good of the realm. In addition, they will also face threats from the inside. Are the knights up to the task of defending the great kingdom of Camelot? Or will their differences tear them apart and lead to chaos?

End of the Weimar Experiment: Germany, 1932

It is 1932, and the country of Germany has fallen into chaos. The new Weimar Republic is failing, and extremist factions are beginning to take over German politics in the Reichstag. As tensions grow, the country faces many daunting problems; inflation is on the rise, the recession has taken its toll, and communists and nationalists threaten the very future of the country. This committee will give the Republic another chance; can the parties and people come together to stem this tide of extremism? Or are they doomed in face of the coming storm?

The Secession of California 2020

The year is 2020 and President Donald J Trump has just been reelected. The people of California are fed up and have revived the California Bear Republic. They have just announced their secession from the rest of the continental United States, and now find themselves faced with the legal challenge of seceding from the United States, and dealing with the political, economic and social ramifications of their decision.

Divided Kingdom 2040

The year is 2040, there’s great political unrest in the successor states of the former United Kingdom Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales. The Protestant Northern Irish Theocracy and The Republic of Ireland. Since the collapse Irish unity has been a point of tension, with the catholic south being backed by Scotland, and the protestant north being backed by England, along the aggressive and unpredictable nature of Northern Ireland. Wales has continued to be an unstable mess after its messy vassalization. Where England sees a kingdom divided, Scotland sees people united in self-rule, and possibilities. In the English Parliament jingoist nationalists have taken control, their rallying cry to "make the kingdom united again!" Scotland maybe the only nation that can stop the Imperial advances and extremist elements if itself doesn’t fall to its own separatists, and extremest elements.

Struggle for Peace: Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations

For over a century, Palestinians and Israelis have contested the holy land east of the Mediterranean Sea. The parties have entered negotiations for peace processes numerous times, but inevitably these negotiations have fallen apart due to mutual lack of trust and commitment. The continuing establishment of Israeli West Bank settlements and Palestinian political division have only contributed to the conflict, and the necessity of some sort of solution remains clear. Escalating violence and the Trump administration’s sole support of Israel have concerned the Arab League, and prompted them to call together representatives from the parties in Amman, Jordan. Delegates will be tasked with negotiating an agreement to cease the violence, whether that settlement be the two-state solution that has already been attempted or something entirely different.

Salem Colony Crisis

Welcome to the town of Salem, colonial Massachusetts. In 1692, a life of pious Puritanism is the only legal existence publicly and privately. When accusations surface of witchcraft, 20 people are sentenced to execution. In the tale of this mass hysteria, will you be be able to work together with the other townspeople to restore order to Salem or will the lack of a defined government cause the collapse of your colony?