Conference Policies


Dress Code

PHUNC requires a type of dress code formerly known was Western Business Attire. Overall, Western Business Attire entails simplicity and formality. For men, Western Business Attire entails wearing a dress shirt and tie, dark or khaki slacks, and dress shoes. A suit jacket is encouraged but not required. For women, Western Business Attire entails wearing dark slacks and a blouse or business style dresses and suits. We recommend you take these dress code suggestions into consideration as inappropriate attire can lead for you to not participate in committee that day.

Examples of unacceptable or inappropriate attire: Tennis shoes, T-shirts, Shorts, Jeans, Tank Tops, Crop tops, Sandals or any open-toed shoes


Delegate Awards

Awarded to delegates who stand out from their competitors within their committee- both in speech and committee work and through written work with crisis.


A well-spoken delegate in committee who contributes to the topic at hand by discussing his or her viewpoint clearly and concisely. An efficient leader in committee who acts as an integral agent for the flow of the committee and attempts to move the committee forward by motioning for topics and raising thoughtful points. Exhibits a strong use of crisis by sending thoughtful or clever notes and sending notes of strategic value, not just notes requesting information. Shows the effective use of diplomacy and consideration of international parties and observers.

Levels of Awards:

1st - Best Delegate

2nd - Outstanding Delegate

3rd - Honorable Mention

Note: These are by no means a complete list of criteria, but delegate wishing to win an award should keep them in mind. Chairs may add any extra criteria and awards are ultimately up to the discretion of the Chair and Crisis Director. PHUNC does not require Position Papers but will accept them from delegates if they wish to write them, however they will not be factored in for awards.


Delegation Awards

Awarded to the largest and smallest delegation with the highest cumulative ratio.


Half of a delegation’s score derives from it’s total accumulated award points: four per Best Delegate, three per Outstanding Delegate, and two per Honorable Mention. Half of a delegation’s score derives from it’s win ratio: a number of team members who won individual awards divided by the whole number in the delegation.



PHUNC prohibits the use of laptops, tablets, and similar technology during moderated caucuses and the normal process of debate. They may be used during unmoderated caucuses at the chair’s discretion. Out of courtesy, delegates must silence all cellular phones, ipods, and similar electronic devices and must refrain from using them during committee unless extenuating circumstances require it. In those events, we request that delegates use a point of personal privilege and excuse themselves from debate or limit their use to unmoderated caucuses.